Living in Reno

Living in Reno

Monday, August 12, 2013

My Two Loves

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my Wine & Cheese! 

I could live on the two.  And I don't really care (or knew) what cheese goes best with what wine.  To me it's all good!  When asked, "What wine do you like best"?  I always reply, "I like them all!  After 3 sips they all taste the same anyway"

But then I was introduced to this great little cheese shop by my friends at "Picasso and Wine".  You can read my story about painting and drinking wine HERE.  I have returned to Picasso and Wine for happy hour since my painting lesson and though Alanna and Alissa serve nothing but fabulous wine, they suggested going next door for some cheese to bring back and enjoy with my glass of wine.  Cool! 

Well, this is when I discovered the "Wedge". 

Oh my!  This is not a place you send a girl who has an addiction to cheese!  I was overwhelmed by the wonderful aromas of all the different varieties of cheese from all over the World!

They even have a small deli
You can create a "Wedge Plate" to try a cheese that maybe you've never had (or an old favorite) and some pate', salami, crackers and even a bottle of wine and viola' you have a picnic in the making!  Just add a red checkered tablecloth and wicker basket!
Just when I thought I'd seen it all.....I see this......
I could stand to be a little more polished when it comes to drinking wine and eating cheese.  So I didn't hesitate at all when I stumbled upon a flier as I was paying for my cheese to eat next door with my wine.  Remember, I was next door for happy hour?  hehe
The flier had all the information regarding, believe it or not, a "Wine and Cheese Pairing Class"!  Where's the pen? Where do I sign?  Here's my money!!
So on May 27th I arrived for my lesson on how to choose the right cheese for the wine I'm drinking.  Is there a wrong cheese?
Eight different cheeses set on a plate representing a clock and five wines were set in front of us in an orderly fashion.

We began sipping and tasting after listening to how different wines can compliment cheese, OR how a certain cheese can make a wine taste so much better!
I have a confession here.  I really don't like Chardonnay.  However, after sampling several of the cheeses on my plate I discovered that a Voucheron MontChevre'  (Goat Cheese) from California all the way to a Fourme d'Ambert from France make a 2011 Chardonnay from Mendocino California taste yummy!
Or was it because I had more then 3 sips?
Cheers! Sante', Salute!


  1. Reno is my very favorite place to visit. I have stayed many times at the Eldorado. However, we switched to the Peppermill. I wish I was on a plane going there now. I used to enjoy a little win, but medicine and wine does not mix well. Cheese, love it.

  2. Well, when we come to visit, Dick can have wine, and I can have cheese (he's counting calories)!
    As for when it will be, time will tell. He's still busy booking things for his birthday trip to Iceland, of all places, and I'm hoping and crossing my fingers I'll get to see the Northern Lights.
    Sounds like your cheese paring, oops, I mean wine and cheese pairing class was a lot of fun.

  3. Some little girl is in heaven at that tasting!!!!!! I don't drink much wine --but do like White Zin... I DO love cheese though--most all kinds.. I used to think that peanut butter was my favorite food --but cheese is right up there with peanut butter... HA HA...

    Enjoy your wine and cheese.

  4. This made everyone happy! I'm happy too. I like your header picture.

  5. Delightful! I'm going out for wine and cheese :)

  6. It sounds (and looks like) you've found a little bit of heaven in Reno.


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