Living in Reno

Living in Reno

Friday, May 29, 2015

Kicking Off Summer in Reno

Events season is officially in full swing here in Reno!
And I kicked it off tonight by going to the summer long "Reno Food Street Event" in Idlewild Park along the Truckee River.
The event officially started last Friday (May 22) and continues every Friday night until October 2nd.  It was a perfect evening for strolling past the 20+ food trucks and pop-ups to see who was going to be the one that would entice me to try their fare!
Hmmm, would it be our great State's name sake, Battle Born? 
 I'm thinking I want something a bit more out of the ordinary.
Well, maybe not that far out!
Maybe I could try a taste of something from another country?

While one tries to make a decision, one can just get something to quench their thirst..........
...........and then pick a spot on the grass and listen to the live music.

There is also plenty to do for the little ones!

Well back to the food!
I could have something a bit "meaty" I suppose.

Or I could be a bit more healthier in my choices like these people!
And then I see these two having one of my favorites!
Now I'm on a mission!!!  And I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams!!
Raspberry Cabernet ice cream by Winey Munkies!  Wine AND ice cream??? Oh yeah!!!
Even though Still Rollin had the longest line.......
...........And most extensive menu,
I finally settled for the authentic Liege Belgian Waffle in honor of my Belgian husband who wasn't able to be here with me tonight.

So that means we will be coming back!  That's what makes this event a great one here in Reno, if you miss one, there will be another!!


  1. Now I'm hungry. Been to the same Peruvian place twice and it's been real decent. Nice post.

    1. Haha!! Hope you have eaten something good!! Thank you, so glad you enjoyed it!!

  2. Thank you for your blog! My hubby and I are thinking about moving to Reno and your blog has been a wonderful resource!


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