Living in Reno

Living in Reno

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

When Did I Start Liking Snow?

I never thought that after living in Central Nevada for 30 years that I would ever like the snow again!  Winters were long and cold in Tonopah and the snow just annoyed me to no end.

After living in Las Vegas for 9 years I became spoiled with the absence of the white stuff.  And I knew that moving to Reno I would once again have to endure snow!

I like snow.  I think it's pretty.  I just don't want to be buried in it 5 months out of the year!

Lucky for us 2011/2012 our first year here, Reno had a very mild winter.  As my son said to me "Mom, you're having a sissy winter".   December past and then January and I thought, wow I'm digging winter here!  A couple of cold days, then a couple of warm days.  This isn't bad at all!

Now in case you didn't know Reno lies at the base of the Northern Sierras and they get plenty of snow!  Just the way I like it.....on the mountains!

But then I found an event, "North Lake Tahoe Snowfest" in March. And it's only 1 hour away!  This is a week long event with all sorts of  "snow" events taking place.  And one of those events peaked my interest.  The "Wine 'n Ice Carving Competition".

DRATS!  As I am writing this post and waiting for my dear friend to arrive, I have discovered that this very event is happening TODAY!!

Okay, back to last year.  When I read that the event was being held at the Truckee River Winery in Truckee I knew it was going to be great!  Sipping on wine while watching chainsaws cut through blocks of ice!


As I sipped on my wine I walked from block of ice to block of ice trying to figure out what these guys were trying to create

And it seemed that chainsaws weren't the only tools used

It was an absolutely beautiful day for watching my first ever ice carving competition
And then I could start to see images of swans, penguins, dragons and wine presses

I decided to have a little look around this cute little winery while the guys continued to create their masterpieces

Back outside the guys are putting their finishing touches on their creations

And finally about 4 hours later, they were done!

Oh there were others, like this self portrait of the guy on the right who was injured in a skiing accident

So which one was your favorite?
I left this wonderful event with a whole new outlook on winter and snow!  Snow doesn't always have to be miserable and annoying.  You just have to learn how to get out in it and enjoy the white stuff!
And that is when I started liking snow!


  1. that was awesome sis , i was taken in and almost felt like i was walking along side of you enjoying the events .. love you

    1. Thanks sis! I'm glad you liked it! Sure wish you could have been with me!!

      Love and miss you!

  2. Wow Debbie... Those ice sculptures are AWESOME... Can't choose a fav since I love them all.

    Hope you will get there today also--but it sounds as if you may not. BUT--your pictures from before are great.

    We have had a SISSY winter here this year (as we did last year). We used to get some nice snows ---and didn't get much this year. Darn it all!!!! ha


  3. First I didn't say anything before but I was glad to see you post again as it had been awhile. Now your site updates as it should. Happy you are back!

  4. We spent the winter in Las Vegas this year (home is Toronto) and I really appreciated no snow and waking to blue skies and sunshine almost every day.


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