Living in Reno

Living in Reno

Friday, March 29, 2013

It Was Awful And We Loved It!

Reno is famous for a lot of things; gambling, great events and festivals, and great winter skiing, just to name a few.

But when the Travel Channels "Food Wars" voted Reno Nugget's "Awful, Awful Burger" the "Best Burger in Northern Nevada" for the past 10 years, you just gotta go see what all the hype is about!

And that's just what Stijn and I did shortly after we moved here. 

To get to the Awful, Awful you can walk through the Nugget Casino on S. Virginia and make your way to the back.  But why do that when you can go down an unassuming alley and walk right into the narrow dining/kitchen area.


Make sure you bring "CASH" and "Patience".  Awful, Awfuls are made to order!

And most importantly, bring an appetite!  Not only is the Awful, Awful huge but they also give you a pound of fries to help fill those void spots in your tummy!

Bon Appetite'


  1. If I fasted for a day I could probably get this burger (and fries) down. The name is interesting and different, but the burger sounds delicious.

  2. Wow---I love big burgers like that ---but oh my, the calories --if you eat it all plus those fries... Yipes...

    Happy Easter.


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